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Case Study:

From 2001 to 2019 IT Flexi Team saved Carillion over £300k, whilst delivering an experienced and reliable IT service.


Carillion plc was a British multinational facilities management and construction services company headquartered in the United Kingdom and listed on the London Stock Exchange with over 43,000 employees. 

The contract in place with Carillion was very flexible, enabling Carillion to terminate almost immediately if dissatisfied with our service.  In essence, Carillion could drop us as and when they wanted, but throughout 17 busy years, there was never a day when one or more of our Team of IT Professionals weren’t on-site. From Support and Development to Management.

Carillion had IT presence throughout the UK, with requirements most often in London and the Midlands.  As well as delivering major infrastructure builds they also maintained and offered IT services to clients, running multiple IT Service Desks and Support teams to deliver this, including teams with security clearance.

With such a wide portfolio of needs, Carillion needed flexible suppliers that could help plug any gaps quickly and cost effectively, whilst maintaining a very high standard of service.

IT Flexi Team started working with Carillion in 2001, filling IT Support staff gaps on their service desk, desktop, field and Network teams.

Carillion simply emailed their requirement to us, and one of our tried and tested IT Professionals would attend site to start working (often next day).  The ease and success of our “IT Staff On-Demand Service” enabled IT managers throughout Carillion, to be able to focus on key strategic issues, whilst we built up an even greater knowledge and understanding of their operations and environment to better serve their needs.

Week after week for 17 years, our IT Professionals were called in by Carillion for assignments that lasted a few weeks to many months.  And when Carillion had a permanent vacancy, and one of our IT workers was a perfect fit (as often they were), then we waived any fee to enable our IT worker to progress and Carillion to develop.  Saving Carillion over £300,000 in equivalent IT Recruitment costs over a 10 year period.

At any point throughout the 17 years, Carillion could have chosen other suppliers, but again and again, they chose to use the ease and value that our IT service afforded.  When we asked if there were other reasons, apart from ease and value, as to why they kept using us, they advised that our knowledge and understanding of the industry combined with our quick response to any queries are what they liked most.  They also commented on the fact that when they have used other suppliers, the IT Staff often had issues around being paid on time.  They said when they asked our IT workers onsite about their experiences with us, they would often advise that we are great to work with and that they get paid weekly, enabling them to focus on client projects.

In 2019, we were extremely saddened to hear about the liquidation of Carillion.  Although our exposure at Carillion at this time was minimal, we knew a lot of very good people at Carillion.  Ones we have placed and many others from working closely with them to fulfill the many successful key infrastructure projects since 2001.  We wish everyone connected with Carillion well and am sure each of them will continue to provide a great service wherever their new careers take them.

If you would like to work with a company that values integrity alongside very flexible and affordable terms, please do get in touch. Thank you.


What our clients say about us:

“An excellent service”
Emil Vincent, Head of IT, AMEC SPIE Rail

“Smart, technically proficient for the specific job, and always have that team player attitude. Recommend, absolutely”
Steve Connor, IT Director, Carillion

“The technical skills we ask for and the right person fit for our environment”
Simon Pamplin, IT Manager, HSS

“Good people. Recommend”
Kevin Braim, Group IT Services Director, TNS

“Very satisfied. Recommend”
Nick Napier, Head of ICT, London Zoological Society

“Such a simple and easy process”
Colin Evans, Global IT Security Manager, BOC

“I would recommend your services because you are always able to provide a very professional service”
Marcia Latty, HR

“Fast, effective service that fulfils our brief”
Ian Vallance, Support Manager, Zoological Society of London

“Quality service; understand the market; honest approach”
Jenny Partridge, HR, Sectornet

“The best we have ever used”
Genevieve Clark, HR, Ultra Electronics

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