Reduce IT Staff Absences



Reduce IT Staff Absences with a simple 1-1 Telephone Workshop


The Problem:

We know absences in the UK cost organisations billions in terms of lost productivity, as well as increasing stress and lowering morale.

With the reliance on critical IT systems, the additional impact from IT Staff absences is often significantly greater.

From experience there are many excellent and well meaning IT Managers that are often reluctant to tackle absenteeism, making the situation worse in terms of productivity and the stress and morale of other staff.


The Solution:

As we exist to help IT Managers we have decided to do our bit, and we now offer a very simple 1-1 telephone workshop where we share best practice and our proven methods to cut IT Staff absences significantly and reduce its impact.  This is a simple but powerful method that can transform attendance and its impact.

Why it Works:

  • Clear to understand and simple to implement
  • Evidence based best practice widely acknowledged
  • Enables staff to understand the benefits and help champion the policy
  • A win win for staff and employers
  • Reinforces your leadership qualities


Client Feedback:

This is what our clients tell us they like about our Reduce IT Staff Absence 1-1 Telephone Workshops:

1. Ability to step back and reflect on their current policy.

2. Understanding new approaches and best practice.

3. Becoming more motivated to tackle the issue with new found clarity and purpose.

4. Knowing exactly what to do and how to do it.


Why not try it:

With a 100% positive feedback rating, why not get in touch for a completely free no obligation discussion about how this could help transform productivity, stress and morale?

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