Our pricing is structured to allow our clients to only pay for services and time they actually need, avoiding costly idle time and unnecessary management overheads.


  • On-Site or Off-Site IT Contractors from £17ph to over £30ph 
  • On-Site or Off-Site IT Developers from £23ph to over £40ph
  • Our Head Office Support Staff from £20ph depending on specific skills and experience required.

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We also work on “fixed costs” and “fee on completion” terms for some tasks, and happy to discuss costs from the outset. A key reasons we have so many long term clients. We value high quality affordable solutions and take pride in our long term relationships with many satisfied clients who feel more like colleagues.  To learn more or to discuss a particular requirement just contact us today and we would be delighted to help.




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Providing Reliable IT Staff since 1998. 

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