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IT Contractors


IT Flexi Team have been providing IT Contractors to many of the UK’s leading organisations since 1998.  From high end senior IT consultants to entry level contractors, we have a deep understanding of the marketplace combined with in-house technical expertise and instant access to literally thousands of very professional, currently available IT Contractors.

What sets us apart is our ability to select the most appropriate IT Contractor for your needs, then ever more importantly helping you secure their services.  However it is worth pointing out that this is not always as easy as it seems, as many of the best IT Contractors with in-demand skills often have other options available to them.  This is where our great back office team really do help secure their services.

Behind the scenes our IT Contractors are set up on our online portal where all their hours and attendance is recorded. Every week they submit their timesheet for authorisation by 1pm on a Tuesday and it is then processed and paid by us within 24 hours (this also includes an automatic self bill option which benefits many senior contractors).  For many in-demand IT Contractors and freelancers, prompt payment is a key factor in accepting one role over another and we win that battle hands down each and every time for the benefit of our very grateful clients.

Additionally, once a contractor is on-site our back office support, alongside regular weekly payments keeps your IT Contractor motivated and focussed on their assignment and your overall objectives.  Communication between us, the contractor and yourself is always quick and straight forward, any issues get quickly resolved using common sense, and as most clients prefer email, we are very used to acting on e-mails immediately.

We also have  an ever growing number of very senior IT consultants who choose to work exclusively for us and our clients and have done so for many years, across a wide variety of technologies.  Indeed our reputation and success over the years is directly attributable to the great commitment, professionalism, expertise and service our IT Staff and IT Contractors give.  We salute and appreciate their commitment – and so will you.

To discuss your requirements or check availability or pricing, please call or message us below and we will be delighted to help as required.

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