Announcing the UK’s first

IT Concierge Service for IT Leaders


Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you had an experienced, reliable and cost effective, ad-hoc IT team to delegate to on an as-needed basis, to help with everything (yes everything) on your To-Do list, expertly managed to maintain the highest quality? 

Wouldn’t this help you achieve more as well as freeing up your time and saving you money on staffing and payroll costs?

We thought you’d like the sound of that, which is why we want to give you a free trial with IT Flexi Team; The UK’s First IT Concierge Service for IT Leaders. We’re giving away a limited number of free trials to selected IT Leaders, so you can see for yourself exactly how much time and money you could save.

At IT Flexi Team, we’ve been providing flexible IT and Project resources, from on-site technical support and development, to off-site IT department admin for large, medium and small organisations alike since 1998. But we understand the need to offer more flexibility on price and availability than traditional IT contracts can offer, and so our On-Demand Back-up IT Department was born.

If you’re ready to enlist extra help for your IT Team or Projects please repond now to secure your free trial. We don’t want you to miss out and we’d really value your feedback – is this the type of service you need? Simply contact us today and secure your free trial, with absolutely no strings attached – ever.

Contact: Rick Crockett

Client Director and Head of IT Projects at IT Flexi Team Ltd


Direct line: 01273 900237

Why use IT Flexi Team?

  • Save Time: we’re ready to go.
  • Save Money: eliminate waste.
  • Achieve more: utilise our expertise.
  • Relax: we’re run by experienced IT Leaders.
  • Trusted: we get excellent feedback

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24/7 Client support
available with prior booking

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