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IT Contractors and Consultancy:

  • IT Service Desk Engineers – perfect for staff cover or back-filling IT projects
  • IT Desktop Support – also floorwalkers available for refresh projects
  • 1st to 3rd line IT Support Engineer – perfect all-rounders for smaller teams
  • Application Support – bespoke or off-the-shelf application support
  • IT Engineer Co-ordinators – foccussing and prioritising resources correctly
  • Server Engineers – keeping everyone’s lights on
  • Network Support Engineers – keeping connections up
  • Out of Hours IT Cover – peace of mind contingency
  • IT Developers – efficiency and competitive edge
  • IT Testers – it’s all in the planning
  • Roll out / Project Engineers – keeping projects on track and users happy
  • Project Managers – full visibility and pro-active intervention
  • IT Project Teams – single point of contact for all
  • Contract IT Managers – maintaining quality
  • GDPR Consultancy – no €20M fine thank you

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Research, Recruitment & Admin Services for IT Managers:

  • IT Admin Assistant – delegate your to-do list to us, free up time and focus on core
  • Permanent IT Recruitment – from 5% (or PAYG with our IT Admin Assistant)
  • Research – recent projects include: Comparison report on benefits of different software, team mobile phone options, recommendations to improve female representation within IT, plus many more
  • Purchasing and Tenders – let us co-ordinate and keep things on track
  • Licensing – let us manage your licensing, including renewals and audits where necessary.
  • IT Policy Writing – IT Security to BYOD policies, we edit, design, improve and present as required
  • Job Role / Specifications – let us write, manage and update these as and when required

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Management Services for IT Managers

  • IT Manager Coaching – 1-1 Coaching for IT Managers. Enables IT Managers to step back from their role and look clearly and objectively at their situation. Call for details
  • Learn Coaching skills to improve team performance – 1-1 session where you benefit from a coaching session initially
  • Virtual IT Manager – for smaller IT Departments we can provide regular or ad-hoc IT Management as and when required. Or for larger IT Departments we can take on defined functions or projects as needed
  • Interim / Holiday / Flexible IT Management – providing continuity as and when needed
  • IT Training – wide selection of very experienced trainers with excellent feedback available on very flexible terms
  • Independent IT Management advice, experience and judgement – because we are totally independent we are able to look at things completely from your perspective. Giving advice and guidance and often acting as a sounding board or inputting in a brainstorming session as to the best way forward. This can cover a variety of areas such as security, cost control, insourcing, outsourcing, contingency planning, cloud, SAAS, virtualisation, efficiency, storage, resourcing, recruitment, IT Management, IT Strategy, new revenue streams from IT and many more. Professional, flexible and affordable.
  • Managed IT Department Staff Cover organising IT Staff cover is essential for most organisations. Planning around your team’s holidays, absences and peak times is time consuming and expensive. Why not delegate the responsibility to us?

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Other / Bespoke:

  • IT Moves, Storage, Call-Off, Delivery & Setup – from office moves and day to day installations to major projects
  • IT Support cover from 4hrs to 7 days per week – Our dedicated IT Support Team delivers a fully managed regular IT Support cover service enabling IT Managers to free up time
  • Your choice – One size doesn’t fit all – so if you have an IT related requirement we’ll try and provide a solution that works for you


  • For many clients we’re the perfect cost effective extension to their IT Department. No ongoing costs, no ongoing liabilities. Providing day-to-day IT Contractors and helping with key IT Projects as and when required. With our back office team providing flexible and very affordable research, purchasing, tendering, recruitment, logistics and many other key IT Department tasks.



  • 100% client satisfaction last year
  • Many 5+ year clients who delegate to us daily
  • Clear visibility with 24/7 online time recording
  • Flexible terms


  • 100+ Clients with 1000+ successful projects
  • Run by IT Managers who understand IT
  • 20 years of experience
  • We always learn from errors

Our Core Values


We value integrity and professionalism in everything we do, and take real pride in our client’s successes.

Corporate Responsibility

We’ve donated over £58,000 of our profits to charity with praise from the Prime Minister and Richard Branson.  Our chosen charity is the wonderful UNICEF.