Selection – making the right decision


Selection really sets our service apart from the competition.  Being an IT business designed by and for IT Managers, we have a depth of technical expertise in-house enabling us to select the best candidates from which to consider from, and for some clients selecting the actual candidate to start.

Combining this with our ability to select from virtually the entire IT candidate market, incorporating internal and external CV databases, social media sites and key IT job boards along with the many internal contacts and networks we have nurtured within the IT industry since 1998.

Add to this our tried and tested innovative selection options which enable our clients to delegate as much or as little of the recruitment process as they would like, and you have service that once tried we’re pretty sure you’ll become like 99% of our business – repeat.


Direct Placement – for busy IT Managers that want good candidates onsite quickly and efficiently


Our Direct Placement service, saves our IT Manager clients a huge amount of time and cost, as well as getting great staff on board quickly and efficiently.

They simply call or email us and we do the rest.

We scour the market for the best available people, we then short-list, test, interview, reference and place chosen candidates directly on-site to start.

And where we have existing tried and tested candidates available the turnaround time can be almost immediately.

This option is very popular with both junior and senior IT Support based roles, as well as other non-managerial positions.  It is used more often for contract staff or temp to perm positions.

Our senior technical managers are very happy to discuss your specific requirements and work closely with you to deliver a service that completely suits you.


*3 and in – for busy IT Managers that just want to interview the best 3


We identify the best and most suitable 3 (or 2 or 4) available candidates and place them in to pre-arranged interview slots with you.

This process is very involved for us, and starts with a long-list, then short-list, then our technical managers get involved to assess skills and suitability, before we finalise and select the most appropriate candidates for interview.

As we have prearranged interview slots from the outset we can set a very clear timeline with the candidates and our internal team as to when certain stages will be happening and when they will be advised if selected for interview.

We also advise from the outset “potential” interview dates so candidates can keep that date free.  This prevents some candidates accepting other roles as they will hold out until after these dates wherever possible, which helps increase the pool of good candidates from which to make your final selection.

In addition, as we select them for interview based on in-depth conversations and analysis, this helps prevent you inviting to interview people that might look good on their CV, over people who are actually far more suitable in real life.

Though we would never say to a client we are better at recruiting IT staff as we do it every day, it is certainly worth delegating as much of the process as you feel comfortable with so as to free up your time and to help secure the best candidate.

* “3 and in” is taken from the school playground game where if you score 3 goals you become the goalkeeper.


Traditional Short-list – choose the best candidates from our hand-picked short-list


There’s always a place for the traditional short-list of CVs, and we fully appreciate the need for Clients to want to go through a short-list of CV’s and select their preferred candidates based largely on their CV.

Our resourcing team will scour the market and point score each CV against a pre-defined scoring system based on your particular requirements and short-list candidates that meet your requirement.  After which we can arrange interviews, negotiate terms and help you secure the right person for the role.

We are also happy to field all job related enquiries, and can manage internal applications also, as required.

We can also interview and assess candidates with you, if you would like. Some clients prefer us to ask the questions at interview, so they can focus in on the candidates answers and assess their suitability.  Others like a second opinion.

Whatever your preferences we are experienced and flexible enough to  deliver the right option for you all at great value for money rates.


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