IT Smart Sourcing


Save time and money and secure great IT Staff

Since 1998 we have provided flexible Smart Sourcing services to leading companies across multiple sectors and industries.

We are the IT partner of choice for many senior managers and our Smart Sourcing services are in high demand. But what is Smart Sourcing?

Smart Sourcing is…

  • Going through a detailed recruitment process to handpick the candidate that’s best for your role.
  • Finding the right candidate for your role and placing them in your organisation quickly and efficiently.
  • Using our IT expertise and experience to help source potential candidates for your role.
  • Drawing on our experience of working with a broad spectrum of organisations to identify your needs and speak your language.
  • Recognising your unique business requirements, and combining them with our experience and expertise to accurately represent your brand to potential candidates.

Additionally, we have extensive in-house expertise that means we can technically assess candidates for many roles. Combined with the above, some clients choose to delegate their entire interview and selection process to us.






Permanent and Contract

Permanent IT Recruitment

A well-planned recruitment campaign run by an experienced consultant is the preferred option for most successful IT Leaders. Using one of our consultants to smart source candidates for your recruitment campaign will:

  • Deliver better and quicker results to your tight timescales.
  • Save you time so you can focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Attract the best candidates to the role.
  • Give a positive impression to the best candidates when talent is in high demand. 

You simply choose how involved you want to be in the recruitment process, how long you would like it to take – and leave the rest to us.

Contract IT Recruitment

We have a deep understanding of the marketplace, from high end senior IT consultants to entry level contractors. Here at IT Flexi Team we have access to literally thousands of very professional and currently available IT Consultants.

Our in-house technical expertise allows us to smart source the most appropriate IT contractor for your needs, and help you secure their services. The most proficient IT contractors are always in demand, with many options open to them. This is where our brilliant back office team come in, and help you secure their services.

What sets IT Flexi Team apart, enabling us to secure the services of the very best IT consultants for you?

  • Prompt consultancy payment through our online portal, where attendance is recorded, authorised and paid promptly by us.
  • Exceptional back office support to help keep your contractor motivated and focussed on their assignment.
  • Quick and straightforward communication between us, the contractor, and yourself.
  • A growing number of very senior IT consultants who work exclusively for us across a wide variety of technologies 

Our reputation and success over the years is a direct result of the great commitment, professionalism, expertise and service our IT Staff and IT Contractors give. We salute and appreciate their dedication – and so will you.

“Free” Temp to Perm IT Recruitment

If you would like to trial potential IT Staff, then take them on for free (yes we did say free), then our free temp to perm service is for you.

We’ve saved our clients thousands over the years since offering this great little service.

Project Team IT Recruitment

We love projects! Here at IT Flexi Team we have vast experience in smart sourcing the right blend of IT skills and personalities you need to make your project successful.

We fully understand it is often the small things that can hamper projects, and our attention to detail and back office team keep your key personnel motivated and on task throughout.


Our extensive knowledge and deep understanding of good IT Recruitment means we are the people to come to when you need fast, reliable and affordable smart sourcing.

With a name like IT Flexi Team, we are very used to working in many different ways. We are able to adapt our smart sourcing service to the IT needs of your business. If this all sounds interesting or you can’t see your IT need above, please do contact us – we’d be delighted to help!


Selection options – making the right decision

Our innovative selection processes set our smart sourcing service apart from the competition.  Become involved in as much or as little of the recruitment process as you like, safe in the knowledge that our contacts and knowledge of the IT jobs market has been continually developing since 1998.

We have in-house technical expertise enabling us to select the best candidates for you to consider – and for some clients, we select the actual candidate to start.

We have a number of different selection options available for you to use.

  • ‘Direct placement’ – for busy IT Managers that want good candidates onsite quickly and efficiently. We short-list, test, interview, reference and place chosen candidates directly on-site to start. This enables very fast placements and in some cases the turnaround time is almost immediate.
  • ‘3 and in’ – for busy IT Managers that just want to interview the best 3 candidates. We identify the best and most suitable 3 (or 2 or 4) available candidates and place them in to pre-arranged interview slots with you. We select candidates for interview based on in-depth conversations and analysis, saving you time to focus on other areas of your business.
  • ‘Classic Short-List’ – choose the best candidates from our hand-picked short-list. There’s always a place for the traditional short-list of CVs. We fully appreciate the need for Clients to want to go through a short-list of CV’s, hand-picked by our resourcing team, and select their preferred candidates based largely on their CV.

We are also happy to:

  • Field all job related enquiries.
  • Manage internal applications.
  • Interview and assess candidates with you.
  • Arrange interviews. 
  • Negotiate terms 

Whatever your preferences and requirements, we are experienced and flexible enough to deliver the right option for you – all while providing a great value for money service.

Please contact us today to speak with one of our senior technical managers, who will ensure that you are confident in our ability to deliver.


Delivering IT Love & Delight since 1998. 

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