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Free up your time and achieve more

For IT and Business Leaders today the need to support and drive the digital demands of your team is vital to an organisation’s success.  

Having an IT Leader with vision and a deep understanding of your business is crucial for success.  Yesterday’s IT Leaders kept the lights on; today’s make sure you are adopting the best and most flexible technological solutions to achieve your objectives.  

Unlike larger organisations, many SMEs employ or contract IT professionals just to support and maintain existing infrastructure.  Few organisations properly benefit from IT Leadership that will enable them to adopt better and more flexible technology to drive performance and bottom line.  With the IT Leadership role in many organisations often falling to a CEO or FD who invariably does not have the right skill set, let alone the time to properly evaluate the IT needs in your organisation, then be able to properly substantiate and implement the necessary recommendations to drive IT, and subsequently your business, forward. 

It is very common to get overwhelmed and distracted by the number of options available to you in the ever-changing realm of technology, and lose your sense of direction and competitive edge.

Today, we are so dependent on IT to drive performance that it is crucial that businesses have a clear and effective strategy. But it’s hard to know where to look for assistance with this. Where could you possibly find a high quality, reliable, independent, expert IT Leadership service that really understands your business and can deliver very significant business gains through better use of existing and new technology?

Here at IT Flexi Team we offer a highly effective IT leadership service that understands you and your business and makes sure your technology is helping you drive performance. We cover the whole range of IT management responsibilities that effective organisations need – from day to day IT management and cost reduction, to developing robust IT Strategies for short, medium and long term success.

Since 1998 we’ve helped businesses like yours develop their IT strategy with our highly proficient leaders. Previously, we have worked predominantly with large and medium sized organisations, and have set-up the IT Director On-Demand service to assist SMEs with management-level IT leadership and give them a competitive edge. We also work alongside IT Leaders who delegate some of their day to day IT Leadership or remote IT Leadership responsibilities to us, so they can concentrate on broader strategic objectives.


What you get from our IT Director On-Demand:

Highly proficient IT Leadership to fit the needs and requirements of your wider business strategy.

Day-to-day IT Leadership and responsibility saving you time to focus on your core areas.

Informed IT Leadership with the expertise to be able to advise on IT strategy – and help you make the right executive decisions in your best interests.

Ensure you have the correct IT for your business with IT Leadership that puts your objectives above new technology.

The IT Director On-Demand Service is bespoke and tailored to the needs of your individual business and comes with all the best shared practice, back up and flexible support from our team.

We also received a 100% client satisfaction rating last year, which means from major £M+ IT projects to day to day cover, we’re a name you can trust.








Why this Service?

  • Increase productivity with an IT Strategy that meets your organisational objectives
  • Reduce costs and idle time by only paying for expertise when you need it
  • Save time by letting our IT experts do the work
  • Avoid tedious conversations with people who can’t articulate what you need to do and why
  • Work with a proven supplier you can trust
  • Fast and easy process

Our clients often tell us what they like most about this service is the ease, speed and value with which they can get the right knowledge and expertise tailored perfectly to their needs and objectives.

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