IT Cost Reduction Tasks



IT Cost Reduction Tasks


Why reduce costs?

It might seem obvious to reduce costs, but its often impossible to find the time and resources to effectively address cost control and reduction.  Though in many instances the benefits in terms of savings and improved services can be huge.

Most organisations that want to increase profits look at increasing market share or margins which is often very difficult.  Whereas controlling and reducing costs can be one of the simplest and most effective ways to increase profits, as well as keeping in control of your supply chain.

At IT Flexi Team we understand how difficult and often expensive it is to adequately control and reduce costs, with more and more pressure placed on time and resources. This is where we can help with our simple but very effective IT Cost Reduction Service that guarantees to save you thousands.  

How it works

After an initial free consultation we use our extensive IT management knowledge, onsite world class research facility and post graduate researchers to undertake a thorough review of your IT cost base. 

We sense check and benchmark your suppliers and costs against the industry and relevant competitors, ensuring you are receiving ultimate value for money and service.

Savings are guaranteed and research subsidies are often available.

New opportunities

Committed to helping our clients achieve sustainable savings every single year through diligent cost control and reduction, we go one step further, identifying efficient working practices and opportunities that can allow our clients to develop new revenue streams.

Finance departments can have a reputation for not being particularly creative with ideas, but more and more senior finance professionals we are working with are focussing on creative solutions (and dare we say blue sky thinking)  to improve financial performance.

As a truly independent consultancy, established since 1998, we work with large and small organisations alike. Professional in our approach and entrepreneurial with our thoughts, we deliver fresh yet concise financial and technological results that meet our client’s needs.

Optimise your IT supply chain

We fully appreciate that changing suppliers is often unnecessary and can present additional costs and challenges.  Our recommendations mainly focus on improving previously agreed terms and we are committed to strengthening existing relationships with suppliers that add real value. When worthwhile gains can be achieved from switching suppliers, we will always outline exactly how savings are obtainable and can successfully manage this process if required.

Why IT Flexi Team?

As an experienced IT Consultancy business we know exactly how and where you can control costs and achieve better value.  We understand what you should be spending and where unnecessary costs may have slipped in.  We understand exactly how best to future proof your IT spend within a fast changing technological environment, considering future needs alongside past requirements.

Our main objective throughout, is to identify potential savings and opportunities, that our team of experts can help implement as required.

Most of our clients we have worked with for many years, assisting as and when required.  It might be a cliche but they certainly do feel more like colleagues than clients.

We charge a fraction of what our “so called” competitors do, and unlike many cost reduction services we don’t present you with a large bill that often wipes out a half or a third of all savings.  Instead we charge a low consultancy fee, based on the time required to conduct the review with a money back guarantee if we fail to make necessary savings.

We fully utilise our onsite research facilities and our Cost Reduction service is ably supported by a ‘behind the scenes’ IT Management and Administration team with over 17 years’ experience.

Our head office is based at the Science park within the grounds of the University of Sussex, where we actively engage with the services of key University research as well as benefitting our clients by accessing often grant assisted and subsidised rates for eligible projects.

Overall, our consultancy costs are amongst the most competitive in the industry, with an end result that delivers cost control and significant savings, improved working practices and new opportunities that are sustainable.

To benefit from our service we highly recommend you give us a call or send us a message today for a free no obligation consultation where we would be more than happy to discuss exactly how it works, and how we can work with you to help achieve your aims as simply and cost effectively as possible.

To avoid disappointment, simply contact us today and claim this great offer too.


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